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The Perfect Georgia Summer

  • The Perfect Georgia Summer... includes home-churned ice cream, cold watermelon, church homecoming "on the grounds", a great Fourth of July celebration and no worries.

  • The Perfect Georgia Summer... Day is to have all five of my grandchildren and play in a slow lazy rain.

  • The Perfect Georgia Summer... Day is going down to the lake and while hubby is busy untangling the fishing lines that the youngin's tangled up, I sneak off and pick blackberrys.

  • The Perfect Georgia being out of school and being able to stay up late at night and play all day.

  • A Perfect Georgia days riding around in my pickup truck after a short day at work, dawg in the back stoppin on a quiet dirt road grabbin the fishin poles and throwin off into a pond on the side of the road while dawg runs and jumps into the pond. Ruining the fishin but just as enjoyable playin with the dawg. Hot afternoon sun bakin everythang in its rays reach, then early evenin rain replenishin the thirsts. Retiring to the front porch, swingin on its swing at the end of a hot day with family and friends and a cold glass of sweet tea.

  • My idea of the perfect Georgia summer is to have time to enjoy the sunset and the sun rise with J. and laying out in the sun, having a barbeque to enjoy with all of our friends, Drinking a icy Budweiser ( I call a beer slushy) they go down so good. Watching all my plants and flowers bloom. But with out my family and friends it just would be the same.

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