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The Georgia Club Story

        Ok, You clicked here so I guess you want to know about the Georgia
      Club. Well it all started way back in 1998. It was either in January or February when I met Jessy (our co-founder)in a chat room. Now Jessy and I became fast friends. And of course we both discovered that not only were we both from Georgia, but we lived close enough to talk on the phone together. So we did.....a lot. If we were not online talking, we were on the phone talking. Then one day, we started talking about how many other people we met online that were from Georgia. I was the only one Jessy had met, but I told her I knew of at least 5 or 6 others that I met from Georgia. Well the conversation continued and (we are not sure who mentioned it first) one of us said we ought to start a club for people online who are from Georgia. And the rest, as we say, is History. But I know you didn't click here just to read that much so, as this story continues....
        Jessy and I always had one thing on our minds, HTML. We were so involved
      into building web pages, learning HTML, and learning to what extent our little Web TV box would let us do to a web page. So of course once we mentioned starting a club we naturally started working on the web pages for it. We got us an account at Angelfire and started deciding on which one of us was going to research what pages. Jessy came up with our slogan "All about our Southern Charms"..etc. She also worked on the Atlanta page while I searched the net for any pages concerning Georgia (which became the Georgia Web Sites page). We then just kept going and as we worked on pages we also started spreading the word about the Club. Well it took off in a really BIG way. We had almost 50 members within a few weeks. Then we started a newsletter. People started emailing us with their suggestions and ideas. One of which produced our First Georgia Club Picnic. We had the picnic at Amicolafalls in North Georgia. We all had a FANTASTIC time. Of course not all the members could attend because of living to far away. At the time it was my idea to have a meeting of some sort, in different regions of the state so that more members could attend.
        It was around this time that Jessy got a job and she wasn't able to spend as
      much time working or helping me with the pages and duties as she could. That was okay though, as other members started pitching in and helping with sending me some of their own ideas and pages they made for the site. One such member was Mary. Mary and I also met online and lived close by. We both had kids close in age so we started spending a lot of time together doing Family events. You can read about one such event on the Archives page about our Memorial Day Camping Trip. The next meeting was a Georgia Club Dinner. We had this one during the Fall of 1998. We met at Ryans Restaurant (a few miles from Atlanta) and had a wonderful time meeting one another. It was around this time my Dad starting getting very ill. In fact, the night of the dinner, he was in the hospital and after the dinner I went back to the hospital to be with him.
        The following year was very bad for me. My Dad got worse and I had to spend
      more and more time taking care of him. We tried to plan more meetings but nothing was ever decided on. On Dec 27th 1999 I found out I was pregnant with my 4th child. On Dec 28th my Dad passed away with a heart attack. We buried him on New Years Eve. Well after that, I kind of fell out of working on the Georgia Club. I announced that I was giving it up for awhile and Thankfully, Morgan Smith agreed to take it over for me. He took it over and redid some of the pages. I looked in on the site every once in awhile and we kept in touch for those few years. I decided to take back over the site in the middle of 2002. And now we are here again. I am so grateful that Morgan did such a good job in keeping it going.
        I tried contacting all the Members that we had on the old Members List (those
      that I had lost contact with). But I guess in those few years some had moved, changed their email, addresses, etc. So now we have only a handful of the old original members back. But even though we are not signing up 10 members a week like we did back in 1998, we still have the virtual community that we wanted and we get to share ideas and yes even some fights (check the old Message Board) online with one another. We are all still friends and mainly that is what we started this club for to begin with...was to make new friends. I realize that some things have changed over the past few years also. People are not willing to share their lives with one another online as much as they used to. Some members don't even want their names or location posted on the Members list even. Which is okay, I mean I understand them wanting to protect their privacy.
        This Club is still about FRIENDSHIP. Making new friends , sharing ideas, and
      having the one thing in common of living or being born in Georgia. That is important because when certain friendships develop, sometimes you like meeting your friends and being with them (even if it is for only a couple of hours). And even though there are many groups of friends online some are not always able to always meet in person like we are.
      Thank You for stopping by and reading our story!!!!!

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