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      This site is a Virtual Community online. Please do not sign up if you want to remain annonymous or do not want to make new friends. We like to email one another and we have a few 'Get Togethers' where we all meet in person. We enjoy sharing ideas. You will AUTOMATICALLY be added to an email LOOP. These emails will have information about club events and happenings.
      Thank You Donna Cline-Editor

      We have very few rules that we require for you to join.

1. The cost of joining is $5.00 a year for dues. This money pays for reservations and other expenses that might arise. Once you fill out the FORM below you will recieve an email of where to send your dues to.
EXCEPTION: If you currently live OUT-OF-STATE but still qualify to be a Member your dues will be wavied!!!

2. You must either have previously been a resident of Georgia or currently live in Georgia.

3. If you have a homepage and want your page listed on our Members Page, then YOU MUST provide a link back to the Georgia Club Homepage. The link may be in word format or you may use one of our Georgia Club Banners . The URL you provide to us MUST have the link on it to the Georgia Club. If we do not see the link back, your homepage will not be listed on the Members Page.

4. You will recieve a letter from the Editor. If you do not reply you will not be a Member. All members must be verified.


NOTE: Email addresses will NOT be listed on the members page unless you request it. Nor will email addresses be sold, added to mailing list or distrubuted.

Name: Email: City: State:
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Tell us a little about yourself:
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If this form does not work please email Donna Cline.

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