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Georgia Icons
    What do you think of when someone mentions
    Kuduz, Vidalia Onions, or how about...
    Boiled Peanuts???
    Well for most of us here in
    Georgia we think of, what else but...
    These items are what I call
    'Georgia Icons'.
    Of course these things are not exclusive
    to Georgia, but most of them are certainly associated with this fine state.

    The Vidalia Onion
    The Vidalia Onion
    More about the Vidalia Onion
    And even more about the Vidalia Onion

    Jeff Foxworthy has a saying: "Did you ever cut your grass and find a car?"
    With Kudzu, you might find a whole house underneath all the broad leaves and thick vines! It covers everything; trees, telephone poles, cars and trucks and tractors, houses and barns and sheds, and anything that gets in the way of its fast, expanding growth! Once in place, it is almost impossible to get rid of, and resists almost all efforts to that end.
    Imported from Asia as an answer to erosion, it certainly does that well.
    Unfortunately, once started, it starts covering everything. It is impossible to drive down hardly any Georgia Road, without encountering great patches, if not whole fields, of it!
    It is so robust that Callaway Gardens keeps an example growing in a pot near one of their greenhouses. It's the only way to control its phenomenal growth.
    More about Kudzu
    Kudzu Recipes

    Boiled Peanuts
    Boiled Peanuts are eaten everywhere all summer, all over the South. Drive almost anywhere and you will see a roadside stand offering fresh boiled peanuts. Go to the ball park and you can enjoy some of the tastiest roasted peanuts. Peanuts come in their own recyclable containers, their shells. Along the country roads of the rural South boiled peanut stands serve up some of the most delicious peanuts in the world.

    Throughout the years, grits have developed into a comfort food that many families enjoy not only for breakfast, but as a delicious side dish for meals as well. Known as the "Southern oatmeal" before air conditioning was invented; grits were preferred over oatmeal because they could withstand the heat and humidity found in the South.
    History Of Grits
    Cookin' With Grits

    The world's largest drive-in restaurant!

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