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Famous Georgians

      There are a lot of so called "Famous Georgians" throughout history and the present. But there are only so many that can actually say they are "Born and Bred Georgians". Yes, there are many people that have come to Georgia to make it their home or seek their fortunes. Hank Aaron, Eli Whitney, Evander Holyfield, and Elton John to name a few. But here is where you will find the
      "True Famous Born and Bred Georgians".
      Some names listed multiple times in different catagories.

Music Industry:
Sports Industry:
Products & Industries:
Actors & Actresses:
Writers, Directors, Producers:
Celebrities & Notables:
Authors, Writers, & Poets:
Political Industry:

Do you know any Famous Born and Bred Georgians??? Send their names and also the URL of their site to me.

NOTE: Many people were born in Atlanta, even though they lived in another city or town. Depending on their age the only hospitals were located in Atlanta, so even if they lived in a nearby city their birth certificates said Atlanta as their birthplace.

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