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Memorial Day Camping Trip

        One day I was on this little machine called I went into a chat room and met a friend... (Mary) who I found out lives very close to me. Well we became close friends via the Web and Phone calls and decided to do a Road Trip with our families. Our day started off on a long, hot highway. With Mary having five in her family and me having four in mine, we decided to take 2 vechiles, a van and a Pickup Truck. Well here we were just crusing along when 'POW' a flat tire .... We had some adventure out there on the highway trying to get the flat fixed.But we finally managed. But because of the flat tire, we got separated so we decided to return home. We waited at home till we could regroup and then we started back out again... Well needless to say we finally made our destination .We automatically got a going and started our supper. We then set up the 's.

        After we ate we stood around the campfire..or sat around the campfire! While we sat up till 3:00 in the morning playing the kids had fun playing on a hill. The next day we went to Vogel State Park and camped another night. The kids had a ball... They went fishing, played putt putt and went swimming..and us adults went paddleboating.The little ones got to also fed the ducks and play on the But there is one thing I have to say....even after our rocky start to the trip..we all had a wonderful time with some wonderful friends!!!!!

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